Best way to Order from Amazon to Poland

UPDATE: You can now order from Amazon directly @

You’ve just moved to Poland, you’ve been here a while or you’re wondering how to order a present from Amazon to Poland for a friend or family member from places like America and the United Kingdom.

Can you order from Amazon to Poland?


It’s true that it used to be a bit difficult to order products from Amazon and have them delivered to Poland.

There were even online stores located within Poland that would allow you to order products from Amazon and they would deal with the whole order and forward it to your Polish address and add a premium to the price.

I think Amazon was aware of this but they still, to this day, haven’t launched Amazon in Poland but they definitely made it a lot easier.

There are several Amazon stores that deliver to Poland but I’m going to give you the two best ways to do so, that we all use ourselves.


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Amazon Germany delivers to Poland, which makes sense right, given that they’re located right next to Poland. Almost everything on can be ordered to Poland.

The German Amazon store using the Euro as it’s currency, 1 euro is roughly between 4 and 5zl, please check with current market rates.

The whole process is very simple and a lot of Polish people use to order products to Poland, it’s the main Amazon store used here.

You can change the language to English or Polish, by clicking the flag, in the menu bar on the top right and use Amazon as if you were at home.

Also, try to make sure that in the top left it on the menu below the Amazon logo that it’s set to “deliver to Poland”, to ensure that you are seeing products that can be delivered to Poland.

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Amazon UK also delivers to Poland and you might think that it wouldn’t make sense to order from Amazon UK, given the distance but the products can actually be cheaper when you order from the UK store.

Most of the products you order on Amazon UK will actually be dispatched from Amazon in Germany, so the same warehouse as Amazon DE.

For some reason, some products are actually cheaper from Amazon UK once you do the conversions from £ to PLN, which makes no sense.

£1 is roughly around 5zl, please always check current market rates.

The delivery times are almost always the same amount of time, if you have prime though, you’ll still have to pay for delivery and you’ll need to factor in the cost of delivery into everything you buy as some products have high postage costs.

How to save money ordering from Amazon to Poland?


The best way to do it is very simple and it’s something a lot of us here in Poland do all the time.

Step 1. Search Amazon (UK, EU or .com) as you usually would, until you find the product you’re interested in.

Step 2. Once you’ve found your product, don’t just check out, there’s a way to save some money here.

Step 3. If you’re on Amazon DE and you’ve found a product you like, calculate the total cost in Euros and then use a currency converter to check the full price in PLN.

(sometimes Amazon will automatically calculate the conversions at checkout but you can just type into Google “50 euros in PLN” to get the answer)

Step 4. Once you have the price, go back to the product page and change the URL from Amazon.DE to Amazon.CO.UK and refresh the page.

This will show you the same product in the UK store, you can do this both ways too, so you can change it from Amazon UK to Amazon DE to check the other way.

Once you’ve done your calculations you can see which store is the cheapest and often, in my experience, it’s much cheaper to order from the Amazon UK store.

I’ve not tried this with other stores throughout Europe but I’d say it’s worth just checking to see if you can save even more money.

How long do Amazon take to deliver to Poland?

It depends on the product and which delivery method you choose.

You can pay extra for express shipping, even if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll still have to pay extra for delivery.

With express delivery, you can have your purchases delivered within 2 business days, or if you order on a Friday most of the time it will arrive on the following Monday.

With standard delivery, it can take up to 5 business days, the products just sit in Germany waiting to be dispatched for around 3 of those 5 days as the actual transportation doesn’t take that long.

Can I use Amazon Prime video in Poland?


Amazon Prime video works in Poland, we’ve even used it to watch live Premier League games that were shown on Amazon.

Can I use Audible in Poland?


Currently, Amazon doesn’t have audible in Poland, so you’ll have to bring your account with you from your country of origin.

Will Amazon be available in Poland?


Amazon is currently in advanced talks with Polish postal service Poczta Polska to enter the Polish market, which makes sense, given that you can use all of their services from within Poland anyway.

Talks are currently ongoing and are heading in a positive direction and we’ve all had our Amazon orders delivered by Poczta Polska on several occasions, which seems as though they are testing the process.

Emma has lived and worked in Poland for over 9 years and knows Poland like the back of her hand.


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