How to: Get a Driving licence in Poland

Getting a driving licence in Poland is relatively straightforward, this guide will enable you to speed up that process so you can focus on learning to drive.

Before we begin the guide, Poland, like many other countries in Europe drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Drivers sit on the left-hand side of the car, but right hand sided cars are available but are usually imported or hard to find.

What you’ll need to start learning to drive in Poland:

  • PKK (driver candidate profile)
  • Be a resident of Poland
  • You need to ensure you meet the age requirements (for the type of licence you are applying for)
  • You’ll need to pass both a theory and practical test
  • A medical certificate proving you’re able to drive a car safely

PKK (Driver Candidate Profile / Profil Kandydata na Kierowcę)

A PKK or driver candidate profile is required for everyone learning to drive in Poland, regardless of whether they are a Polish citizen or a foreigner.

You will need your ID, any other documentation to prove your residence in Poland and passport photos.

Your passport photo will be used as the photo on your driving licence.

When you’ve completed the necessary paperwork and received your PKK number from the department of motor vehicles you’ll be ready for the next step.

Next, you will want to take your PKK document with you to your chosen driving school and present it to them upon registration.

Once they have this document, you will be able to begin your lessons.

Be a resident of Poland

People looking to learn to drive in Poland will have to ensure that they are a resident of Poland.

If you would like more information on officially becoming a resident of Poland and obtaining your very own PESEL number then please read our guide on getting a PESEL number in Poland.

Once you have proof of residency in Poland, it will make the whole process a lot easier.

You need to ensure you meet the age requirements

Like any other country, there are age requirements that must be met for each licence category.

The age requirements for each category is:

  • Category A1 (up to 125 cc) 16 years
  • Category A2 (up to 35 kW) 18 years
  • Category A (more than 35 kW) 24 years (20 years if the person has held a category A2 driving licence for at least 2 years)
  • Category B (passenger cars) 18 years


To simplify this, if you would like to learn to drive a normal car with passengers, you will need the category B licence which will enable you to drive most cars. The category B licence is the most popular licence type in Poland.

You’ll need to pass both a theory and practical test


Your theory test will be a set number of questions aimed to test your knowledge of basic Polish road laws, including your ability to distinguish road signs.

To complete your theory test you will need to visit your local road traffic centre, also known as WORD in Poland.

To find your nearest WORD local road traffic centre you can use their website

There are several theory test practice booklets in English, before buying one, ask your driving school as some will rent them out to students.

You can take your theory test in English or Polish, depending on your level of Polish language, if you decide to take it in English you will need to inform your local WORD at the time of booking.

Cost: 30zl


Your practical exam is the most important part of learning to drive in Poland, it’s where you drive your car on the road with an examiner directing you through a test route.

If your test is to be held locally to you, your driving instructor will take you through the potential route several times to help you get familiar with the route.

On the day of the test, you will rent your driving instructors car for the time it takes you to do the test, the price of this varies but it’s worth asking this before you choose your driving school.

Your practical test will include two parts:

  • Driving
  • Mechanical

The driving part is self explanatory.

It’s important to note that if you’re planning to learn to drive in English, you will need to hire a sworn translator for the test.

A sworn translator will be able to translate every command the driving examiner will give you.

During your practical driving test, you will also need to show the examiner that you understand several mechanical parts under the bonnet, which your driving instructor will teach you during the learning phase.


Theory = 30zl

Practical = 140zl

These prices are subject to change, it’s important to check the cost of both tests at your time of booking.

It is also possible to complete both of these tests on the same day, which some people prefer, but there’s no obligation to do so if you just want to split them between separate days.

A medical certificate

To drive in Poland, or learn, you will need to prove that you are medically fit to drive.

This will include a test of your eyesight, hearing and balance.

If you wear glasses, ensure you wear them to your medical test and every time you are driving a car.

Some driving schools will have a doctor present at the beginning of a course, if there are several people starting on the same day, you will be informed of this when you sign up and will need to visit the location on a specific day given by your driving school.

Cost: 200zl

Providing there are no issues during your medical, you’re good to go.


First of all, Congratulations on passing your test!

Once you pass your test in Poland, you should receive your driving licence within 2 to 4 weeks of completion.

This may take a little longer depending on how busy they are but usually, your licence will arrive on time.

When you receive your licence – Let the adventures begin!

Common questions:

I have an EU driving licence, will I need to take a test in Poland?

No, your EU driving licence will be valid in Poland for the same category that you have taken your previous test for.

Can I learn to drive an automatic car in Poland?

Yes. You will find driving schools in Poland offering automatic driving lessons if you prefer to learn how to drive in an automatic car.

It’s also good to be aware that if you learn to drive an automatic car in Poland, you will only be able to drive automatic cars, if you wish to drive a manual car you will need to complete another test in a manual car.

I have a non-EU driving licence, can I use it in Poland?

Yes. You will have 180 days to use your international driving licence in Poland, providing it is accompanied by an international driving permit.

Once 180 days has passed you will need to exchange your documents and obtain a Polish driving licence.

Can I use my Polish driving licence within the EU?

Yes. Your Polish driving licence is valid within the EU.

Emma has lived and worked in Poland for over 9 years and knows Poland like the back of her hand.


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