Is Poland Eastern or Central Europe?

Poland frequently finds itself at the centre of conversations about whether it is in Eastern or Central Europe.

Is Poland an Eastern European country?

After all, it shares a border with both Russia and Belarus, which many would say make it part of the post-Soviet space. But is that really enough to make it part of Europe? And if not, what does that mean for Poland’s place in the EU?

These are tough questions for which there is no easy answer. According to the Polish Constitution, the country is a “sovereign, independent and democratic state”, which, along with its membership in the European Union and NATO, means it is entitled to some privileges not enjoyed by other European countries but Poland has officially been assigned the title of Central European country by the European Union.

Is Poland a central European country?

Poland is often considered eastern Europe, though its location makes it a central part of the continent. Poland shares borders with Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia and Slovakia. This has made it one of the most complex and divided countries in Europe.

The country has experienced significant change since the fall of communism in 1989 and is still trying to recover from the effects of that transition. Poland, located in Central Europe, is often considered as Eastern Europe. This is because it has a border with Russia to the north and east, as well as Belarus and Ukraine to the south and west.

Poland is considered to be a part of Central Europe because of its physical location but Eastern Europe because of its political history.

Polish culture is considered to be more similar to cultures in Central Europe than in Eastern Europe and Poles feel closer to the rest of Europe than countries in the East.

What do Poles think?

If you ask any Polish person, they will say that Poland is a central European country, and mostly don’t like when people refer to them as Eastern European.

The country has a long and complex history that can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Poland was first settled by the Slavic tribes in the 8th century AD, and became an important part of the Byzantine Empire.

After being defeated by the Mongol hordes in 1241, Poland became part of the Teutonic Knights Order, who ruled it until 1453. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was created in 1569, and enjoyed significant independence from both Russia and Austria until 1795.

With such a complex history it’s easy to see where the confusion comes from.

Poland is definitely a Central European country in our opinion.

Emma has lived and worked in Poland for over 9 years and knows Poland like the back of her hand.


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