Simple way to Get a Polish mobile phone number in Poland

When you move to Poland, you’ll need to get yourself a Polish sim card, giving you a Polish mobile phone number.

In Poland, it’s a little different obtaining a sim card from most places.

For example, in the UK, you can walk into a shop and buy a PAYG (Pay As You Go) sim card with a top-up and within minutes you’re ready to go with a new number.

In Poland, you’ll need to show your passport (or qualifying ID) regardless of whether you’re buying a PAYG sim card or acquiring a monthly contract.

Choice of networks

In Poland, there are several networks to choose from, and all of them have good signal throughout all major Polish cities.

The main difference between the networks is the type of deals that they offer at any given moment.

You’ll be able to walk into any of the following stores, with your identification and you’ll be able to walk out with a sim after providing them with a little information about yourself.

Types of sim cards

Pay As You Go

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Pay as you go sim cards are pretty self-explanatory, they offer flexibility and there are some great deals to be had.

You’re also not locked into a contract, which is great if you’re just visiting or you’re going to be studying in Poland.

You will need your own mobile phone to use one of these sim cards and if you’re bringing a phone from abroad, it’s worth checking if your phone is unlocked before you leave.


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Contract sim cards or sim only contracts to offer great deals but can be less flexible if you’re not planning to be in Poland for the length of the contract.

These can also include the latest mobile phones like Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy etc but you’ll usually pay a premium if you’re opting for a phone + sim combination.

Most places will need your proof of employment contract and a PESEL number to consider you for a contract.

What do we recommend?

We know that some people prefer contract phones, with the ability to have the latest mobile phone included and a predictable monthly contract, it can be a very attractive offer.

Pay as you go sim cards might not be for everyone but it is our recommendation if you’ve just moved to Poland or plan to visit Poland long enough to need a sim card.

Not only do we recommend you to go with a prepaid sim card but we also recommend visiting your local Orange branch to get your sim card.

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Orange offer fantastic value sim cards packed with a lot of data, calls and in some cases unlimited texts too.

You can find the Orange pre-paid offers here.

For example, I pay 30zl per month for my Orange sim card and I have 30GB of data, unlimited calls and texts to Polish numbers. I never go over my data allowance and rarely use calls and texts as we mostly communicate via Facebook messenger (which includes voice calls).

The deals that Orange offer are dynamic and always changing, so we recommend checking with Orange regularly to see if you’re currently on the best plan, which for us is usually the one with the most data.

Each network provider has apps you can find in the play store and app store, some of them can be used in English but others you will have to use their website with a translator, which is pretty simple.

Once you have a sim card and Polish phone number you can open a bank account in Poland.

Can you give me an example of a phone number in Poland?

Every Polish number starts with +48 which is the country code for Poland.

If you’re calling internationally you’ll need to use that prefix before you type the number you are trying to call.

An example of a Polish number below shows you typically what a mobile number in Poland will look like.

+48 000 000 000

Where can I buy a sim card in Poland?

You can visit any mobile operators store to purchase a sim card, you’ll also need to do the same to apply for a contract phone and as previously mentioned you should take your identification with you.

Emma has lived and worked in Poland for over 9 years and knows Poland like the back of her hand.


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